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Pressure Washing Testimonial

Pressure Washing TestimonialPressure Washing TestimonialPressure Washing Testimonial

Pressure Washing Testimonialpressure washing testimonialPressure Washing Testimonial

Hi Ron,
Thanks so much for the great service. I was concerned about pressure washing the stucco, but you knew just what to do and the house cleaned up great. I showed my sister the deck and she was so impressed that she’s going to be calling you to do some pressure washing at her house too.
Thanks again,
Mimi Dowling
Hey Ron,
Well, you finally convinced me to get the job done. I never expected all the oil to come out of the driveway, but that hot water pressure washer you’ve got sure took care of the job. Thanks for the good work. Now Mary will finally stop nagging me about it.
Mitch Stutzman
Hi Ron,
Thank you so much for the wonderful pressure washing job your guys did for me yesterday. It was really bad back by the pool and on the fences and walkway areas and now the whole place looks like new. I never realized what a difference pressure washing could make.
Holly Amezcua
To Whom it May Concern:
I forgot the gentleman’s name, but I wanted to let you know that the technician who came to my home did an excellent job. He was so polite and he helped me move some of my things out of the way. I never realized that pressure washing a home could make it look like it was just painted!
Thank you, Custom Home Detailing!
Marta Chrispens